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(Script)Writing Commissions Open



Now that I have your attention, what's rocking my man. I'm Cryptospore, a writer, as well as an audio and visual editor. I heard you were in the market for someone to help tell a story. Well, congrats! You don't need to look any further.

With an education in media production, I can take that pile of notes you have stashed away in a single-page google document and transform them into a 25-minute long pilot episode ready to be shipped off to some slimy animation executive. These are top-of-the-line, formatted to industry standard scripts, the real deal. Making you look leagues above the common crop. Voice actors will swoon and give you the performances of their lives when you give them a document that's laid out for their ease of production.

You might have an entire story plotted out and are just in need of someone to help bring it up to the next level, or you may just have a single sentence and want help in crafting a characters' evolution, with its potential arcs and stories. No matter what it is, I can write it, and if you beat me to it, I can make it better.

As is shown in the second image, a recent commission of mine was to take less than a page of notes and characters and transform it into an eleven-page script that you can read below!

Maybe you have a more novella format in mind -don't worry! Prices for those works can be discussed. With 10+ years experience in writing, any fantasy you can imagine I can get to paper.

are you shooting shorter? as seen below, small blurbs such as item descriptions or small articles in-game are some of my favorite pieces to do so don't shy away.

Shoot a dm my way on NG!

Sample Scripts

Ritz and the Rat Pack (Second image)

DecisionScript (Noir)

DiscoveryScript (Creeps)

Sample Writing

Item Descriptions (Cyberpunk Horror RPG)

Sample Poetry

Water on the Nightstand (Summer '21 Writing Contest Entry)

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I woke up 22 at 3 a.m today and before I could even feel myself slowly withering to dust. A band of goons, goblins, and geriatrics I have come to know in the past year and a half. Showed up, showering me with the most amazing gifts and tokens of appreciation I have ever received. To place them on the pedestals they rightly deserve thank you so much @PKToastyVA @Joemega @LobsterMango @Octo @JuneSSai @StaggerNight @KOLANI @RGPAnims @Daemonplus and @Potatoman. I genuinely don't know how to feel about the fact that you guys went through the trouble of organizing a secret little trash pile to plan your stuff out for me. No friends I've had would ever go to those kinds of lengths for me. I have never been treated so kindly by any group of people in the past or present. Thank you all for filling my future with the good vibes and near-constant threats against my life. Each and every one of you, even if not mentioned here. Is an amazing person with so much raw talent and the ability to make people smile. Never stop.

Looking back at the last year on Newgrounds I have not only found myself surrounded by people I am eternally grateful to call friends. I, for the first time in my life, see the things I do as actually important. While my talent still lags behind some of the amazing people I interact with. The fact that people feel like they can come to me and get assistance on furthering their own visions has no ceiling for the pride it brings. For that, thank you Newgrounds as a whole. You are all part of something amazing and I can't believe it took me so long to join. Forgive me


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